Dr Sibylle Herberg

Counsel | Rechtsanwältin

Dr Sibylle Herberg practices primarily in proceedings before international arbitration tribunals. She has particular experience with post-M&A disputes, investment arbitration and proceedings related to the enforcement of international arbitration awards.

Sibylle Herberg represents clients in national and cross-border disputes before German courts and arbitration tribunals, in particular in proceedings conducted under the ICC, ICSID, DIAC and LMAA arbitration rules. She frequently advises clients in the precursory stage of a dispute as well as during settlement proceedings. In addition to her role as party representative, Sibylle Herberg has acted as secretary to the arbitral tribunal on multiple occasions.

Sibylle Herberg has a particular focus on advising and representing clients in international post-M&A disputes, in particular in proceedings related to violations of guarantees, claims for purchase price adjustments and violations of disclosure obligations. In addition, she has detailed experience with investment arbitration proceedings. Furthermore, Sibylle Herberg possesses particular expertise in international commercial disputes such as contractually based warranty claims related to complex technical projects. She has further experience with the enforcement of international arbitration awards.

Sibylle Herberg advises and represents clients in particular from the infrastructure, shipbuilding, defence and service industries.