State Court Litigation

We represent clients not only in arbitration proceedings but also in proceedings before German courts. Banking and finance related proceedings make up a particular focus of our practice in this regard. Frequently, the underlying disputes concern cross-border issues.

In accordance with our particular expertise in arbitration law, we represent clients in arbitration-related proceedings before German courts, in particular those concerning the recognition and enforcement of arbitral awards. However, we also act in proceedings that bear no relation to arbitration. In this regard, we represent and advise our clients at all instances (including the German Federal Supreme Court by way cooperation with admitted attorneys). Our practice covers all stages of the proceedings and types of proceedings, including, for example, interim relief applications, independent evidentiary proceedings and enforcement proceedings.

We possess particular expertise in cross-border legal disputes. In this regard, we regularly advise clients with regard to international procedural law (jurisdiction, service of process, taking of evidence and enforcement) and conflicts of laws (private international law) issues, as well as with regard to the recognition and enforcement of judgments of non-German courts. Our team has many years of experience with disputes that raise questions of foreign law or lead to parallel proceedings in multiple jurisdictions. In this regard, we regularly rely on our extensive contacts with foreign-qualified attorneys and take the lead in coordinating international teams.

Our German court practice substantively relates to the commercial fields listed in the description of our areas of expertise. Banking/finance disputes make up a particular part of this practice since they are typically not resolved through arbitration.