Energy Disputes

We advise and represent companies in national and international disputes occurring within the energy sector. The specific forms of energy are as diverse as the issues in dispute between the parties.

We represent clients in proceedings concerning all forms of energy: oil and gas as well as nuclear, hydro, wind or solar energy. For example, disputes might arise out of the delivery or storage of energy or the construction, modernisation or dismantling of power plants. Due to our experience working with an extensive number and variety of energy-related cases, we are able to discuss strategic matters beyond purely legal issues. This is true, not least, with regard to the selection of the most fitting experts on energy law as we are very familiar with a variety of potential experts, having come across many in past cases.

A substantial portion of our cases relates to price and other contractual adjustments; in this regard, we have experience with diverse energy markets and how they are shaped over time by regulatory and other changes. The cause of these disputes often stems from the liberalisation of markets or results from the disruptive transition in German energy policy toward renewables.

Furthermore, we also represent clients in disputes between joint-venture partners, in conflicts that raise questions of insurance law related to risks associated with the energy industry and concerning energy market investments or the financing aspects of energy projects. We possess particular expertise related to disputes arising out of the ECT in addition to other investment treaties.